Why Retargeting Using Facebook Ads Is So Important For An E-Commerce Business

What is retargeting?
Retargeting is the process of advertising to users that have already engaged with your brand through your website but haven’t become customers yet. The process is quite simple, when you get visitors to your brand’s website you can segment those visitors and create custom ads that re-target those users through Facebook and Instagram.
Benefits of using retargeting:
The major benefit of retargeting is that you are advertising to people you know have already shown interest in your brand. This gives you the upper hand of knowing they must have seen something that piqued their interest and now all you have to do is turn that interest into a sale.
When it comes to the performance of retargeting campaigns, the results are staggering. It’s true that 3 out of 4 customers notice retargeted ads and they are around 76% more likely to get clicks than regular display ads.
You can also leverage your retargeting ads to receive feedback on your products. For example, when you re-target some of your customers that have purchased the same item they are likely to leave a review on your product and legitimize it for other audience members who are on the fence about purchasing your product.
Research shows that 92% of customers don’t purchase on their first visit to a website. this means that retargeting customers that have visited once ensures that you are doing the best you can to convert those customers and push them all the way through the funnel.
The more advanced your retargeting the more value you can get out of your customers. Retargeting customers with specific items is a huge part of this. If you know for a fact that your customers have chosen to look at a select few of your products you can direct them back to their favorite items and remind them that they are still waiting for them.
A different theory applies to homepages, odds are that if your customers end up on your homepage they are not going to want to see that again. A good tip is to nudge them toward new arrivals or best-sellers so they can see some of the highlighted products on the site.
This process will definitely show you the importance of knowing your audience and the more attention you pay to get to know them, the better your marketing results will be.

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