Top 5 Memorial Day eCommerce Sale Tips

Memorial Day is right around the corner! We’re excited to share some tips that we know you should implement within your Memorial Day Sales strategy.
Heavily promote your memorial day sale/promotions  
  • Email campaigns are going to be your biggest asset during memorial day weekend. They see much higher conversion rates so we have to make sure we put the right language in emails that direct customers toward a promotion.
  • On social media, we have a very short amount of time to capture attention so we have to focus on lifestyle images and a heading with the promotion standing out so customers won’t click past it.
  • For e-commerce websites, the name of the game is in timers and banners. Letting people who have landed on your site know that you have the items they want on sale but reminding them that time is running out is a huge motivator.
Don’t start too early and don’t start too Late
  • Find that sweet spot that identifies with your brand the most. 93% of sales were launched within a week of Memorial Day 2019.
  • This means that most people are doing either a spread-out 7-day campaign or a Memorial Day long-weekend campaign. But companies aren’t starting earlier than a week or later than the weekend.
Campaign Vibe/ Colors To Use
  • Every marketer knows that creativity is the #1 incentive for engagement with our campaigns. So we have to make sure that for memorial day customers get the vibe of summer, the outdoors, and minimal patriotic symbolism.
  • Some key colors to add to your campaign are red, blue-green, and yellow to indicate incoming warmer days spent outside with friends and family.
Create Time-Sensitive Campaigns
  • This is simple. indicate a promotion and then make sure that the customer knows that there is a time limit on when they can take advantage of the promotion.
  • Creating urgency helps to convert customers quickly because nobody wants to miss out on a good deal.
Special Holiday Touches
  • For Memorial Day we have to remember that it’s a sensitive time for many Americans. So in light of that, recognizing and respecting the holiday is more than just a sales opportunity.
  • One way to go about this is by adding an extra discount for veterans or active duty. (They deserve it!)
Best of luck!

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