How You Can Adapt Your Facebook Ads Strategy To iOS 14 in 10 Minutes

The iOS 14 update is already being used by consumers. With this update, comes some important changes for marketers. ATT is included in the update, standing for App Tracking Transparency Prompt. This presents as a pop up on Apple devices that asks users if they want Facebook and other apps to track their activity across other websites and companies, giving the option to opt out or allow. The option to opt out was previously buried within the settings applications and this particular change has caused users in the U.S market to opt out at a 30% higher rate.
You will be impacted by the update the most if you are using Facebook ads to get more installs and conversions on a mobile application or if you are relying on Facebook ads to drive e-commerce growth.
Verify Your Domain On Facebook
When you add a domain to Facebook it essentially means that you are officially set up on the platform and can run ads for that domain.
You can add a domain to your Facebook account by going through your business manager section and add manually or you can do it through a hosting provider.
Choose Eight Conversion Events For Optimization
For each domain there will now only be allowed 8 conversion events. If you have ad sets that are over the limit facebook will turn them off.
You can make changes to your strategy in events manager and make sure you are optimized for only 8 conversion events.

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