5 Simple Tips On Marketing Your Fashion Brand in 2021

Style guides: In fashion, brand identity is everything. Help your customers interact with your entire brand and not just one product by formulating style guides. This allows the customer to buy into the brand’s aesthetic and lifestyle, not just one or two products they love.
  • Some tips on style guides:
      • Visually merchandise your products off of the models to show color stories and detail instead of faces and bodies. People love to see your artistic vision laid out for them. See Ralph Lauren for pictures of shirts, ties, belts, and shoes on display to bring the whole brand closer together.
      • Think of how your ideal customer would wear your brand and style it for them on different days of the week. Depending on your brand, some style guides could be workwear, happy hour, dinner parties, etc.
Video Lookbooks: When displaying your brand’s looks, I highly recommend displaying them in motion. This helps the customer see how the materials fall naturally and imagine themselves wearing these clothes in their daily lives.
  • Some tips on having video look books:
      • Send your clothing to a fashion influencer and ask them to create a lookbook with your brand and have them post on a platform like Instagram or Youtube. Note that depending on the deal you strike with them you might be able to use the footage for your own ad campaigns.
      • Another option is shooting it professionally with models and using it as your brand’s own social media or ad content.
Abandonment Emails: When marketing products, we have to remember that consumers have a very short attention span because of the browse culture on the internet and this is where abandonment emails come into play. We have endless options when it comes to the next pair of shoes we purchase. Giving them a reminder that you know what they want and have it ready to go, tailors the customer experience to their needs.
  • Some tips on abandonment emails:
      • Discounts always help. Customers love to feel like they are getting a deal in exchange for their business. So even an offer as little as 10% off goes a long way!
      • Give them another look at what they are missing out on. Don’t just talk about their cart, display the actual items they have in it!
Partner with Influencers: Strategic partnerships with influencers can bring you loyal customers and brand credibility. Partnering with influencers is important for the success of modern fashion brands. Remember, sometimes it’s who’s wearing it and not just design that popularizes a fashion brand.
  • Some tips on influencer partnerships:
      • Educate them on the brand but don’t give them too many suggestions on the content they make. They are content experts already, so no need to play director because it will feel unnatural to their audience.
      • Let them fall in love with your brand before you schedule any content with them. They will know what to say and identify with your brand easily if they are already living in it!
Sneak Peaks: Posting something from an unreleased collection builds anticipation for what’s to come. Giving a little bit of the creative process away captures the attention of your customers. People are always looking for their next outfit so get them excited for fresh new drops!
  • Tips for building anticipation:
      • Post prototypes and sketches and use this as a beta test for how your audience will react to your vision. Kanye West uses this tactic a lot to build anticipation for new Yeezy products.
      • Showcase finished pieces that you think will be the headliners for your next collection and use creative copy in your caption to hint at similar styles to come.

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