5 Reasons Every Business Needs Email Marketing Automation

How Does Email-Marketing Automation Work?

Email automation/workflows are emails that send at a specific time or once a recipient has completed a certain action. Of course, there are many automations you have probably interacted with such as abandon cart or browse abandon. These are not random, they are triggered by your actions and are designed to bring the recipient down the sales funnel, closer to conversion.

Stay Relevant To Your Audience


Email workflows can be planned so that no recipient is getting an email that is not relevant to them. This can help your business have a more personalized promotional relationship with customers. Leading to higher engagement and lower risk of ending up in the spam folder or unsubscription. For example, automated emails outperform campaign emails by a 1,558 percent higher conversion rate due to simply being more relevant to the customer.

Strengthen Your Brand Integrity

When people feel as though they are getting emails that fit their needs, they begin to associate your brand with being organized and prioritizing customer success. These associations with your brand are proven to drive your recipients further down your sales funnel to eventually convert.

Saves Time And Money

With quality-designed and managed automation, you can let the software pick up all of the little tedious tasks that you would otherwise have to do. This allows you to spend time on other parts of your business where your time is better spent. Time is money. Especially when it comes to email marketing. Automation makes it possible to reach large audiences without having to spend large amounts of money building out a team to track and contact potential customers. Automation also allows you to avoid mistakes in the email marketing process.

Keep Existing Customers Engaged 

Re-engaging customers that have already made purchases is a large part of a successful marketing strategy. It’s very likely that customers that have purchased before had a favorable response to your initial marketing campaigns. Email automation helps you create an effective retention strategy with features like rewarding big spenders with custom promotions and offers or automatically triggering re-engagement with subscribers that purchased but have gone silent for a while.

Get To Know Your Customers Better

Never forget that your customers are unique individuals with different needs and wants. With email marketing automation you can see who is engaging with what parts of your brand. Knowing the personalities of your audience is crucial in keeping a positive brand perception across a range of different customers.

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