5 Lifecycle Marketing Tips That Keep Them Coming Back

Lifecycle marketing is the process of making sure no potential customer slips through the cracks. After a customer clicks on that initial ad campaign the real work begins turning lookers into repeat customers. Here are the 5 most important tips for getting the results you want out of lifecycle marketing.
Optimize your website in the right way.
    • Customers hate the idea of going on to a website to look at a product and being bombarded with popups and promotions. Less is more and subtlety is going to win. Use flyout’s with a discount in exchange for an email and popups at 75% scroll. Gently remind customers that they can save money with just an email address.
    • Add abandonment popups when they try to exit the page or cart. Depending on the business, offer them a discount to bring them back in.
Get personal with your customers.
    • In that first official message, make sure you personalize their experience. Whether that’s putting their name in the email subject line or giving them a personalized product feed of items they would like. Customers want to feel like they identify with your product so meet them in the middle.
    • Recognize their birthday. Simple but effective in terms of getting people to shop with you. It sharpens your operation and gives you the opportunity to personalize your customer experience even more.
Build a customer loyalty program.
    • It’s important to incentivize people who have shopped with you to make another purchase. They know your brand and interact with it so rewarding them goes a long way with building brand loyalty.
    • Previews, special offers, early access, etc all do the trick. Make them feel valued and they will place more value in your brand.
Use browse abandonment and abandon cart campaigns.
    • You always have the upper hand when you take this position and it is always more effective than a standard campaign.
    • If you know exactly what your customers are viewing and placing in their cart, you essentially have a view into the mind of your customer. Utilizing this knowledge to create a personalized campaign will yield positive results for any business.
Give reminders to replenish.
    • For some brands, this is a game-changer because it’s simple yet highly effective. When you know that your customer will be running out of your item and they need more, remind them to purchase more.
    • This is applicable to supplements, food, or any other product that needs to be replenished. You can also have customers enroll in a subscription model that renews their purchase automatically.
Final Tip: Go with a marketing agency that can have all of this and more running on autopilot while you focus on everything making your brand or product the best it can be!
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