SubApollo is a sunglasses subscription box offering two high quality sunglasses each season. We were brought on to build the brand aesthetic, website, and consumer base.

The Concept

Our team spearheaded the formulation of the name SubApollo. It is unlikely that a brand comes to us without a name, but we were up for the challenge. We named the company SubApollo, with Apollo being the Greek god of the sun (the sun being relevant to sunglasses). We then gravitated towards the word “Sub” and utilized the Latin meaning of “under.” In conclusion, the name defines “under the sun.” Additionally, we were able to harness the word “sub” in subscription as a bonus.


Digital Strategy
Paid Media
Website Development
Art Direction
Content Creation
Email Marketing

Web Development

When building SubApollo’s website, we decided to create a style quiz that captured specific details about the customer. We started by ironing out what makes ones profile unique, versus another. We identified a few style sets and started doubling down on the proper software to offer a fun and reliable experience for the prospective subscribers.

Marketing Approach

Explaining the concept of 2 sunglasses, every season for only $15, has the likelihood of getting lost in translation. In order to properly educate about the business concept, we created a step-by-step funnel which takes one from an engager to a customer. We leveraged creative asset advertising on FaceBook & Instagram and strategic retargeting touch-points on Google. We also amassed an email list which increased the likelihood of purchase by nearly 75%.

The Results


Return on Ad Spend


Sales Increase


Repeat Purchase


Open Rates