STAYCOOLNYC is a Retro-Futuristic Chillwear Brand based out of NYC and founded in 2015. The goal from the start was to develop a brand with its own unique aesthetic and identity.

Product First

STAYCOOLNYC’s “scroll-stopping” products speak for themselves. We enjoy working with brands that take pride in their expert craftsmanship and design. The moment the ad creatives hit paid ad platforms, we saw an instant and overwhelming response.


Digital Strategy
Paid Media
Ad Design
Email Marketing
Ad Optimization

The Core

When launching STAYCOOLNYC’s ads, we wanted to stress the importance of the brand-to-consumer relationship. Our client has a holistic view on how they approach things and sometimes, ads can dilute that. After countless strategy sessions, we found the perfect balance to make shopping and following the brand efficient and non-forceful

Keeping things dynamic.

We leveraged customer data to further heighten the user experience. Strategic dynamic advertisements coupled with AI learning, allowed the brand to tailor-make Facebook and Instagram ads, that are unique to each individual consumer.

The Results


Return on AD Spend


Sales Increase


Brand Lift


Open Rates