Samira Cosmetics

Samira is a line of innovative cosmetics containing Biotermaclearycin, a unique skin evening formula that is blended with Saffron and Milk Thistle. This blend has a strong and powerful effect to quickly brighten your skin tone, and help you reach your desired shade.

A Relationship Brand

In early 2019, Samira reached out to us to improve their eCommerce efforts. Before beginning any project, we analyze data, create consumer profiles and weigh competitors. After that deep dive, we structure an actionable plan. Our goal for Samira was to improve customer LTV while acquiring new customers.


Digital Strategy
Paid Media
Website Development
Art Direction
Content Creation
Email Marketing

Marketing Approach

Selling a cream online that one cannot feel, smell, or test, is always challenging. We successfully removed that barrier with our acquisition strategy. In order to maximize ROI and likelihood of purchase we started by running ads with no CTA – this accomplished something that we like to call “Just There Ads”. This removed the pressure from the consumer to purchase the product and instead, we aimed for them to engage. Sounds simple, we know! But, it did not end there. From there on, we designed specific creatives and ads based on the individual’s response after seeing the initial ad. This made the process insightful, rather than sales focused.


Samira’s website features unique color-ways and custom product pages outlining product benefits and ingredients. We also utilized the power of A/B testing to weigh flow, sizing and upsells. This resulted in massive growth and increased brand loyalty.

The Results


Return on Ad Spend


Sales Increase


Repeat Purchase


Open Rates