eCommerce Numbers Spike In Reaction To Coronavirus

March 2020 was definitely unique! We experienced a roller-coaster type market and major closings in the retail + food and beverage space. At the beginning of COVID’s arrival in early March – eCommerce sales were down; and for good reason #ToiletPaper. But, as the month came to a close eCommerce rose above the rest. 

New data released today (April 7th) by ACI Worldwide show that many categories in the retail space have seen an increase rise over 74% in March compared to 2019. Online gaming was at the top of the chain – at 97%. 

The executive vice president of ACI Worldwide, Debbie Guerra commented – “Long-term, we and others in the industry predict that the shift in consumer behavior – opting for online purchases – is likely to outlast the crisis.”

At this point in time, it is evident that more consumers are on their phones while less businesses are advertising. The demand for ads is at an all time low due to the uncertainty some of these businesses face. With that said, if you are one of the lucky individuals who has the ability to weather the storm; we suggest you keep pushing ads across all platforms. Now is the time to harness customers you might’ve never been able to reach due to competition. Advertising platforms are like bidding softwares and right now, the bid is wide open. 

So get going, get growing and scale!

Side Note:

This tragic time poses a threat to many lives – we wish everybody safety, health and security. If you are in need of any help, we are available to help; on us –

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