3 Tips To Help Optimize Your Instagram and FaceBook Ads

When we get asked “where should we invest our ad spend” our team jumps on the FaceBook and Instagram wagon. Many believe that FB is best for selling products – but it is much more than that. A good advertiser will immediately figure out that the ability to tell a story and build dialogue with a customer is where the platform shines. 

Scenario: Let’s say you already ran some ads and spent some bucks. Below you will find tricks that many look over! These little nuggets can make a world of a difference in your ROI.

1. Analyze:

Don’t spend all of your time on trying to figure out why the ad suddenly died – instead focus on why it worked! What we like to do is look at platform/placement. Once we have accumulated enough data we can tell which placements work better.  Yes, we know it is recommended to leave “Automatic Placements” on, but don’t be surprised if you suddenly see that by only advertising on the Instagram Feed (or FaceBook Feed) that things pick up. 

2. Locations:

In the beginning stages, many leave the locations feature relatively open. For example, many miss over the “People Who Live In Or Recently Visited” – Hey, we want people who live in. Switch that puppy on and only focus on that. If not, you’ll find yourself wasting ad spend. (Which isn’t fun).

3. The Superset

Now that you accumulated data and most likely have enough of an audience, we’ll assume you can run some lookalike testing. (For more about lookalikes, click here). 

Disclaimer: If you don’t know what a lookalike is, please read the linked article above – as this might seem like gibberish.

#Resume – anyways, in a typical scenario, many will have an ad set with one lookalike for example:

  1. Ad Set 1 – Purchase Lookalike
  2. Ad Set 2 – Instagram Engagement Lookalike
  3. Ad Set 3 – Add To Cart Lookalike

And so on.. 

We like to always have an insurance policy running in the background and we’ve found this to be very effective. At a lower budget, stack all of your 1% lookalikes running in the background – and don’t touch it. Let it just roll… The results of this will spill over into your retargeting. As your account and pixel seasons more, you can start to eliminate and put only the LL’s that work best. 

(Again, do not rely solely on this campaign. Just have it run for a while and watch the magic unfold).

Good luck!

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