How To Scale Your Shopify Store Utilizing FaceBook Ads

How To Scale Your Shopify Store Utilizing FaceBook Ads

We’ve all gotten those ads – “Hey, watch me scale my business to $1M in sales within the past 3 minutes.” We all know, this isn’t reality, but many choose to buy into it. Whether those statements are true or not isn’t the point here – we just felt that we’d start off by addressing that because odds are you stumbled across this article while doing research. We are going to outline some tips that you can utilize within your advertising – now, while we know these things work, we just want to say that it is a matter of scale, bandwidth and creativity. Attempting to build a multi million dollar business within a week is not realistic – with our blog posts (and this one) we aim to set expectations properly. Commit, understand that things take time and believe in your killer creativity. 

Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO):

FaceBook has been hinting for a while that CBO will be the new way they are going to position their advertising budgeting/bidding. For more information about CBO’s check out FaceBooks in-depth explanation (Click Here). While no size fits all, we found much success within CBO – but, the biggest takeaway here is patience. It takes a bit for these campaigns to optimize, but once they are fully learned; brace yourself. If you run into a scenario where you want to spend less on one ad set and more on the other, try dabbling with the “Minimum Spend” feature. (We suggest just let FaceBook decide).

Purchase Optimization:

The most powerful campaign for conversions is the conversions objective (duh). Many choose to use Landing Page View campaigns – while it does allow more people to enter your funnel it is not ROI (return on investment) friendly. There is not a day that goes by that we are not asked “What objective should I use?”. Simple, start off with the Purchase optimization – if you run into learning limits start optimizing for Add To Carts – but just stay there. If that doesn’t render effective then you can potentially have a targeting issue or creative one. 

Testing, Testing, Testing:

When we roll out creative, we spill out many creatives. Every audience within a campaign has roughly 3-6 ad creatives. We allow them to run for 1-2 weeks before making creative decisions. From there, we narrow down the creatives attributed to the ads and scale!

Don’t Get To Excited:

Sometimes, you’ll see a day where your sales just double or even triple! Isn’t that fun. (Yipee). But, don’t get ahead of yourself Tommy. Instead of quadrupling the budget increase by increments of 25% relative to that campaign. When you do this, it enables the ad to optimize with you. You can’t scale a campaign without being super detailed and conscious of your budgeting. (Walk with the platform, don’t run ahead of it). 

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