How To Increase Your Customers Lifetime Value

How To Increase Your Customers Lifetime Value

Our biggest focus as an agency is to increase our clients overall sales, one of the things that we see most often is a lack in fostering customer relationships. In this post, we’re going to touch on three simple steps to increase your customers lifetime value (LTV).


One way to dramatically increase your customer LTV is by setting up customer flows that trigger emails. As a brand, you should have about 5-10 different automated email campaigns for people who have bought. Below are some ideas!

  1. People who have purchased two times within the last 90 days.
  2. People who have purchased once within the last 180 days, but not within the last 30 days. 
  3. People who have not purchased in over 70 days. 
  4. People who purchased one time.

All of these segments (and more) are imperative to building a customer retention strategy. To formulate our flows, we utilize Klaviyo.

Here is what a simple automated flow looks like:

Dynamic Advertisements:

Showing relevant products to the right customers is extremely powerful. We utilize FaceBook’s dynamic ads to retarget people who have purchased. But, more importantly we set it up to showcase products that are similar to what the customer has recently purchased. For example, if someone purchased a suit – let’s show them a shirt – if someone purchased a shirt, let’s show them a tie (and so on).

Make It Personal:

Okay, okay, while all of the tips above are automated, we also live in a world where human interaction is crucial. This one might be obvious, but reach out to customers – see how they feel about your product and LISTEN. Some of the brands that we work with that process thousands of orders a week still make the time reach out to their most loyal customers. With that said, go out there and don’t be lazy!

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