How To Create An Effective Content Strategy For Your Brand

How To Create An Effective Content Strategy For Your Brand

Building a brand is tough (but exciting)! We know it because we’ve done it and continue to do it for hundreds of individuals all over the world. Every business has a story, a message and a goal. In order to translate all of those things, one must formulate the proper content strategy to do so. Below you will find a checklist of things that we’re confident will set you up for success.

1. What are your colors? (Yes, we’re being serious).

Color palettes sound simple to come up with, but if you don’t have a dedicated palette you might just confuse your customer. The goal here is to have 3-4 colors that define your brand. Is your brand a happy brand? Or a chic and clean one? (and so on). Having this lined up will tell your story without the use of words. So yes, spend some time at the drawing board coming up with your colors. Once you find them, use them EVERYWHERE. (Website, Emails, Logo, Content).

2. Imagery! Obviously.

Colors are important, and incorporating them throughout your product and lifestyle shoots will just amplify your visual identity. Picture this, you come to a brands Instagram and everything just seems to fit; well, that is the goal. So, go out or hire someone (maybe even us) to shoot. Once they finish shooting, share your colors with them in order to make the post production process easier (photo editing). When your photos are being edited incorporate those colors tastefully.

3. Website and Ads – Bring It ALL Together.

Now that you have your ammunition, knock this baby out of the park! Implement your colors throughout your text on your website, put your banners in with their cohesive aesthetic and change your buttons throughout to match. (Yes, this all seems obvious and relatively simple. We just feel the need to outline it). Same thing applies to your ads! If you are putting text on your lifestyle images then use your fonts, colors and more to tell your story through ads.

Ok ok, you either gained something from here, or had someone tell you something you already know. Regardless of that, you read this far meaning on of two things:

  1. You are going to get started! Woohoo!
  2. You are finally going to listen!

Before we exit, we’ll give you one big no-no. Please do not use stock imagery – the world deserves to see your brand and nothing else. Don’t have the budget for it? Grab a camera and some friends/product and shoot until you are blue in the face. Please 🙂

Goodbye for now friends!

The Team

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