Collaboration With Privy

We are proud to announce our collaboration with Privy – the popup app focused on helping eCommerce brands scale.

Email marketing is one of our specialities and we found that Privy has been paramount in allowing our clients to grow their lists. From segmenting to granular popup targeting options, Privy is by far the most intuitive application that we’ve worked with.

How Privy Makes You More Money on Shopify:

  • Convert more visitors and grow your email list with pop ups and on-site announcements that grab a visitor’s attention before they leave your online store.
  • Recover more sales and reduce cart abandonment with our exit pop ups and automated emails that show customers what they left in their shopping cart and bring them back.
  • Create coupons that sync with Shopify and promote them on your website, through email or text, and track coupon redemptions in Privy.

  • See exactly how much money Privy has made for you with a reporting dashboard that connects with your purchase history in Shopify.

Check out Privy here!

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