Citi Bike rival JOCO brings shared, docked e-bikes to NYC in Collaboration with Class A Media

We’re excited announce our partnership with JOCO E-Bikes. JOCO is a micro-mobility ride share company that has developed the most efficient, sustainable and enjoyable way to travel across cities. JOCO approached us in need of a brand identity and go-to market strategy. Filled with excitement, our team hit the ground running by identifying positioning, forecasting and building the profile. Our team worked hand-in-hand with JOCO to create the brands identity, aesthetic, go-to-market strategy and more. Read more about our collaboration with JOCO here.

Yahoo Finance:

“The company’s bikes will initially be stationed at parking garages around the city, including at Icon Parking garages, the city’s largest parking operators, but the company says it hopes to expand to residential and commercial buildings in the near future. The company essentially pays landlords to provide this amenity, while absolving them from having to operate or maintain the e-bikes.” Source


Move over Citi Bike, there’s a new docked, shared bike service in town — only this one is all electric. Next week, JOCO will be the first shared operator in New York City to launch a network of e-bike stations on private property for public use. Source

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